DRINKS: Vegan protein from Strippd

Those of you who have been following my journey this year will know that not only have I gone vegan, I’ve also been trying to get healthier. Now people always ask about vegan protein (you know who you are) but in actual fact it’s really hard to be protein deficient! A healthy vegan diet will contain enough protein for you to survive, tofu is a great source so when I’m sitting, tucking into my tofu omelette, I’m packing in the protein (especially if I stuff it with mushrooms, broccoli and spinach).

However, now that I’m going to the gym 4 or 5 times a week I started to wonder if I would benefit from some protein shakes, it seemed like an easy way to get a boost after working out. So I got in touch with Strippd to see what they thought and they sent me some testers of their vegan protein powders to try.


The Strippd instructions say to mix one sachet with 250ml of water or milk so I used soya milk so that it was nice and creamy.


I could resist trying the chocolate first, come on, it’s vegan chocolate flavoured goodness! This was amazing. Ok so it’s hard to mix without one of those shakers with the wire ball but a whisk does the job just fine. The chocolate shake was thick, creamy and oooh soon chocolatey, basically it’s like a chocolate milkshake but good for me. WINNER.

Score: 10/10



Mixed berry

This one was ok, I half expected it to be pink and crazy fruity. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about this one whatsoever, the shake went nice and thick, smelt amazing but kind of like a lot of herbal tea this smelled better than it tasted. This one had a lot to live up to after the chocolate!

Score 6/10


Mixed berry


Finally, I tried the vanilla shake. Like the others it was creamy and frothy, this one tasted better that the mixed berry but still wasn’t up there with the chocolate!

Score: 8/10



So as you can probably tell the chocolate is my fave by a mile, I’ve now bought a nice big tub to keep me going after the gym. Do you drink a protein shake after the gym? Or maybe just to top up your protein intake during the day?

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