REVIEW: Vegan street food

This is an unplanned post but I spent yesterday exploring Edinburgh in all of it’s Christmas glory! I adore living in Glasgow and I can’t ever see myself living in Edinburgh but I have to admit that there’s something truly magical about Edinburgh in December. I went for a walk down the Street of Light and gandered at some Norwegian trolls because it’s not Christmas without a troll.


As pretty as they both are, there was an expected highlight this year. The stall below is the holy grail for vegan foodies.


Now you probably can’t read that sign in the centre of that image but my hawk-eyed bestie spotted it, pointed and squealed! Boy am I glad she did, I’d resigned myself to not eating at the Christmas market, it used to be one of my favourite places to grab some food but now it’s full of cheese, sausages and crepes – a wheat intolerant, vegan’s nightmare.


Now frequently the vegan food isn’t wheat free and it BREAKS MY HEART EVERY DAMN TIME. So I plodded over to ask if the falafel wraps were wheat free but I wasn’t hopeful, turns out not only is it vegan but it can be made with a gluten free wrap which made it totally when free – woo!

Naturally, I let out a little happy squeak and ordered myself a gluten free falafel wrap with chilli  sauce. Oh my jeez, was it good? It was phenomenal. The falafel was flavoursome and so crunchy, it was with a perfect salad, spicy chilli sauce and all wrapped up in a BFree wrap – ideal Christmas market fuel.


If you’re like me and worried about food, panic no more and get yourself down to Edinburgh’s Christmas 2016.

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