LISTS: 4 reasons to love LUSH

Being vegan isn’t just about the food that you eat, it’s about letting compassion completely overtaking your whole life – I am aware that saying that makes me sounds mental but it’s the truth, if you’d have said to me two years ago that I would be advocating a vegan lifestyle for everyone I’d have told you to bolt. Roll on to now and I want to help any of you readers transition to vegan or even just live a more compassionate life. One of the hardest parts of being vegan for me is knowing what else isn’t vegan – food is the easy part! I’ve always had a soft spot for LUSH, not only are they from my part of the world but they are out there making money without screwing people, animals or the planet over to do it. Here’s why I love them so much.

1. All the vegan items are clearly labelled

This is the most important thing for me, I find it such a labor of love to ensure that my beauty products and cosmetics are vegan. It’s getting easier to find out what’s really going on but it usually consists of me standing in the middle of a shop googling “is this vegan”. Let’s be honest, that is a pain in the arse and makes every shopping trip longer than it needs to be. Although not everything in LUSH is vegan, they are 100% vegetarian and the products that are vegan are clearly labelled – fantastic! It’s not a case that there’s 3 products shoved in the corner, there’s so much choice!


2. Practice what they preach

If the prices in LUSH are a bit high compared to other places on the the high street, then why do I shop there anyway? It’s very simple, they’re much more than a retail company, LUSH do a lot to fight animal testing, which is something that is close to my heart. I think it’s amazing that more and more places are choosing to label cruelty free cosmetics so that people are able to make more educated choices when shopping. But to be fighting the people that still think it’s acceptable to abuse animals makes me want to stand on a table and cheer.  You can read more about it here.

3. The bath bombs are beautiful colours

This is the avobath bomb and just look at that colour, seriously look at it, is it fabulous or terrifying? Whether you love or hate the colour, the smell is divine and I love a bath (I’m usually in the bath for at least an hour, stop judging me) so any excuse to stay put and soak in magical bath water – I’m there. The LUSH bath bombs smell good, look good but they leave my skin feeling so smooth and soft.


4. Purple shampoo and conditioner of dreams

Daddy-O and Sugar Daddy-O are bloody delightful, not only do they smell like a dream but they work a treat on my hair. Living in Scotland, keeping my hair bright and light can be tough (although as i’m typing this the sun is streaming in the window) but both of these keep my blonde hair from looking brassy and bright. If I’m being really honest, the conditioning bar isn’t the best at detangling my hair but I have a tangle tease for that right? These are perfect if you enjoy walking round and smelling like a LUSH shop. What can i say, I’m into that.


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