REVIEW: Vegan burgers at DogHouse

Can we talk about burgers for a second? I don’t if you’ve tried many vegan burgers but they are often a pile of shite. I never want to eat a bean burger, NEVER, sorry lads but it’s not for me. Seitan has changed my life, seitan is a gluten based meat substitute that is packed full of protein. Seitan makes a really meaty burger, sometimes I get the fear that isn’t not vegan – daft yes but proof that it is truly brilliant burger.

So where can you get such a wonderful vegan food? DogHouse in Glasgow serves a seitan burger called Hail Seitan and it’s basically a BBQ seating steak with kale, hummus and sun dried tomato relish.


Seriously, people over at DogHouse, what you’re doing with this burger is completely dreamy. And what’s best about this? They are on deliveroo! Therefore people of Glasgow, not only get you get this vegan, meaty burger delivered to your door, you can also get beer delivered. GAME CHANGER.


Not sure if your beers are vegan? Check Barnivore.

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