REVIEW: The Primal Pantry bars = HEAVEN!

A few weeks back, the lovely lambs over at The Primal Pantry sent me some bars to try. Now I usually snack on fruit or crisps (because crisps are life and I just can’t seem to quit them) but I like to keep a stash of snack bars in my cupboard for a treat, because lets face it we all need some guilt free chocolate in our lives!


So when The Primal Pantry offered to send me a few bars to try, I was thrilled! Now I’d only seen the coconut & macadamia bar and the hazelnut & cocoa bars in my local shops so when all of these flavours fell out of the envelope I was over excited.

Clearly Thor was excited too as I couldn’t take a single snap on my phone without her little head in the frame. Needless to say she did turn her nose up at the actual bars.


Primal bars

All of The Primal Pantry bars are gluten free and vegan – woo! Each bar is packed full of natural ingredients, nothing in this world makes me happier than reading the a food label and it being a list of actual food! These bars have no nasties in them at all. They are all roughly 200 calories so a perfect afternoon snack to tide you over until dinner.

Ok so you want to know which one is the best? hazelnut & cocoa of course! The hazelnut cocoa genuinely tastes like a crunchy, Nutella bar, I swear… Is it so damn good.

High-protein bars

“But where do you get your protein from bro?” Yeh, us vegans are all bored of that question! PLANTS HAVE PROTEIN BRO. Ok, now that I’ve got that out my system, the high-protein bars are chock-a-block with clean, plant based protein, 15g to be precise making them the perfect post-gym snack.

There’s also an espresso flavoured bar which is to die for… the cocoa brownie is also blooming delightful because lets face it, you can’t beat a bit of chocolate!

All in all, The Primal Pantry bars are all pretty amazing and totally worth having a stash in your bag or at your desk at work because lets face it, sometimes a banana gets squashed. Thank you very much The Primal Pantry for letting my try so many!


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