BEAUTY: Top 3 products from Superdrug

I used to think that being vegan was easy it’s just talking about the food right? Nope! Being vegan is about living your life in a compassionate manner and yes, that includes everything from food to skincare and toothpaste. I thought I’d share some easy, go to products.

I find Superdrug the easiest place for me to shop for vegan cosmetics and toiletries because all of the Superdrug own brand is labelled clearly if it’s suitable for vegans and there is nothing that makes me little vegan heart sing more than clear labelling. We all know that I’m a huge advocate of clear labelling. So, here’s my top 3 products from Superdrug just now.


Since going vegan I’ve found it really hard to find a decent toothpaste, none of them have kept to teeth lovely and white. UNTIL now! Sensitive Charcoal Toothpaste is perfect, I had dabbled with charcoal toothpaste before but it was a loose power and it was the biggest mess, I hated it. It worked but the hassle was too much for me to keep it up. I bought this Sensitive Charcoal Toothpaste on a whim, what’s the worst that could happen eh?

This is far more convenient, it’s just a regular tube of toothpaste after all. It means it’s easy to use twice a day, every day AND people have started to notice how delightfully white my teeth are looking.



I have had a weird relationship with skincare, I’ve always flitted between no skincare to a month of cleansing and toning, then back to a quick face wipe before bed. Whilst I am very strict with myself for taking my make up off (even when drunk and yes I am smug about that…) and moisturising in the morning, I am terrible with anything more than that. I have added this Vitamin E Micellar Water into my routine because it really scrubs extra make up off. You know when you remove your make up and it all looks clean, fresh, bare faced? Well I thought my face was clean until I wiped this over my face, the cotton wool pad was still really grubby!! That shock has kept my using it every damn day.



I have a weird face, it is both greasy and dry, how is that even possible?! I really struggle with what face cream to use in the morning, most creams are too heavy for my face, my skin goes greasy and my make up melts off… it’s a great look. But! There is hope yet, the Radiance Balm is light enough that my make up doesn’t slide off but makes my face nice and dewy.


Thank you Superdrug for making my little vegan life much easier!


2 thoughts on “BEAUTY: Top 3 products from Superdrug

  1. butterflies and boundaries says:

    Yes 🙌🏽💕 I’m living for this post 😍 I’m all over Superdrug’s vitamin E range at the moment. I have the leave on moisture face mask and also the hydrating serum which acts as a primer for your skin before applying make up as well as just a nice hydrating serum for anytime of the day! This makes me feel like I should do a mini Superdrug post haha! 💗💗💗

    If you could give my blog a read and leave any feedback I’d really appreciate it 😘

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