THE FITNESS DIARIES: COVID-19 is making me run…

Ok, it’s been a while I know. I’ve gone from losing 3 stone and being OBSESSED with calorie counting and exercise to chilling out and putting weight back on. Weirdly though, I am now much more happy in my body than I’ve ever been! I’m attempting to get my thoughts together on how to articulate how you can be body positive and working out – that will come I promise.

Right now though, today I did something that I thought I’d never do again… I went for a run… Well… I say run but I downloaded a couch to 5K app (this one in fact) and jogged super slowly for 60 seconds at a time and walked in between. I didn’t run far or hard but here we are, the gym closures, work shut downs and social distancing has brought me back to getting outside for some exercise and I must admit, it felt pretty fucking good. Are you working out at home? Taken up a new way to work out? Tell me all about it and let’s share some inspo.

Love me a tick ✅ Go me 😂

Told you she was a slow “run”

Not going to lie, getting a badge in my Garmin app absolutely motivates me to go again!

I’ll be running like Usain in no time hahahaha no.



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