LISTS: 3 easy ways to get moving during lockdown

If you’re anything like me, you were in a really good and solid gym routine before the chaos that is COVID-19. Don’t read that as me being a brat, not at all, I am missing my classes though, let’s have a look at what I was doing:


45 minute BODYSTEP class


45 minute BODYSTEP class


1 hour BODYPUMP class
45 minutes in the gym
45 minute SH’BAM class

I am very much someone who works out sure to get fitter and stronger but for my mental health, like I miss the gym when I can’t go, I get full on rage face when plans mean I cancel the gym and I look forward to my alarm going off on a Saturday so I can start my weekend by getting a sweat on. In lieu of gym classes, here’s what I’ve turned to so that I keep moving (not every day, just when I feel like I can).

1. YouTube home workouts

This is probably the easiest one to do, there are so many workouts on YouTube its unreal. This does mean that it can be quite overwhelming to figure out what you’d like to try. The Body Coach is a good place to start for general workouts, Joe is pretty friendly in his videos, he admits that it’s painful (which I need to hear) and has tons of options for people – P.E. with Joe for those with kids, HIIT sessions which are only 20 minutes but hurt like fuck and even workouts for seniors. I tried the 15 minute legs, bums and tums HIIT and oh lord is my bum sore already 🤣😭

If you’re looking for yoga then Yoga With Adriene is the channel for you. like Joe, it’s a friendly channel where getting your poses perfect is not the goal, it’s moving, breathing and enjoying yourself.

2. Les Mills On-Demand

The On-Demand part of Les Mills has never appealed to me as I’m one of those people how 100% can not be trusted to work out properly at home (easily distracted by the cat yes) so the physical act of being in the gym really helps me focus. But, now that the gyms are closed, I’ve just got to fucking get on with it eh. Now, from what I can see, they are offering free trials but if you’re a Glasgow Club member you should have sneaky link to a bunch of free workouts so that you can still kid on that you’re in your favourite class. OR like me, try barre for the first time (none of the Glasgow Clubs seem to do it) and try BODYBALANCE in the safety of my own home away from prying eyes haha!


3. Go for a walk or run

I AM NOT A RUNNER. No matter what my previous posts hint at, this OUTrun one in particular (I just like the glory of getting a tee). However yesterday I gave myself a talking to and re-downloaded a couch to 5K app, put my headphones on and get out of the fucking flat to get some fresh air. Getting outside right now feels like a luxury and getting my lungs moving for 60 seconds of running intervals is the good kind of evil that I love. Running not for you? Then I can’t recommend getting out alone, putting a podcast or your favourite playlist on and walking because lets face it, all our fitness trackers are confused as to why we’re not getting our steps in!

Whatever you’re doing to get your butt moving during this weird as fuck time in history, keep safe and stay far away from other people (yes I’m talking about you 2 people walking your dogs yesterday).


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