SWEET TREATS: NOMO chocolate flapjacks

A few weeks ago NOMO chocolate sent me some of their chocolate bars to try and make something with. Firstly, they are incredible! Have you tried them yet babe? No?! They are easily the best vegan chocolate I've tried, they are creamy and tasty. Some vegan chocolates are not milky enough right? These are smooth … Continue reading SWEET TREATS: NOMO chocolate flapjacks

SWEET TREATS: Flapjacks that won’t rot your teeth

Back in May I blogged about my Rhubarb Flapjacks, at the time I was on a mission to find a healthy flapjack recipe, I FAILED. Ok so my Rhubarb Flapjack recipe is not a total disaster, it's so damn tasty that I could cry. But it is still full of sugar and syrup, leave that out and the … Continue reading SWEET TREATS: Flapjacks that won’t rot your teeth