REVIEW: The Herbivore Kitchen, Edinburgh

If there's one thing that will stop me in my tracks, it is the words "vegan pancakes". Seriously, no matter what I am up to, who I'm talking to, if I hear those words I loose track of what I'm doing and drift off into a world of fluffy pancakes... wait, what was I saying? … Continue reading REVIEW: The Herbivore Kitchen, Edinburgh

DRINKS: CHOC chick hot chocolate

I've witnessed a miracle! This flavoured hot chocolate by CHOC Chick is so up my street and it's everything I dreamed it would be. It's flavoured raw cacao that is perfect for drinking as a chocolatey treat. I've been using cacao for years, it totally outdates my new found veganism and it is one of the best … Continue reading DRINKS: CHOC chick hot chocolate