BAKED GOODS: Scones without gluten, eggs, or dairy


Scones are something I really miss now I’m wheat free and any time I’ve tried to make them I’ve failed miserably, they usually crumble into tiny pieces at the sight of a knife. But after some research I’ve found a couple of really simple recipes that are gluten free but also dairy and egg free! I’ve tried a couple and still had to change the quantities a little I get the right texture, here’s what I found.

What you need:

2 cups of gluten free self raising flour
1/4 cup of unmelted coconut oil
1 cup of soya milk

Preheat your oven to 200c and prepare two baking trays with some grease proof paper.

Stick the gluten free flour into a large mixing bowl and measure out the cocount oil, this I a little tricky because it need to be solid but if you’re going to get the measurement roughly right it will totally work, if anything add in a little more than 1/4 cup. Now you want to combine the coconut oil and flour to make a crumb, the best way to do this is with a fork or knife, crush all the coconut oil into tiny pieces and mix with the flour. I can’t lie to you it’s one of those annoying jobs that takes longer than you’d like but stick with it, it’s worth it. Nw you need to add the milk in, but don’t just slop it all in at once!! You need to make sure that the milk in evenly mixed with the crumbs so add a little, mix, add, mix, add, mix, well you get the picture. By the time the milk in completely mixed in it should be lovely and even. The mix should look like a lovely scone dough, now you can form your scones two ways, roll it out and cut them or do what I did and just form them by hand. I think forming them by hand because they look a bit rustic and homemade. Once you’ve made all your little scones pop them onto your baking sheets and get them into the oven for 10 minutes or until they go that gorgeous golden colour.

Gluten, dairy and egg free scones

Now usually with baked goods I sit and watch them cool enough for me to scoff one but these can be eaten IMMEDIATELY! That’s right, you read that, immediately. No impatiently pacing of the kitchen waiting, making a cup of tea for a distraction, get a plate and knife and try one.

Serving suggestion: dairy free butter and strawberry jam, the classic scone combo

Gluten, dairy and egg free scones

Be warned they are not exactly the same as normal scones, they never are! But they are a great alternative for when you have that craving.


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