A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: My day job

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen that I was covering a PR event for the company I work for. I love the perks of my job and who wouldn’t jump at the chance to spend the day documenting the Confetti Crowd at a shoe customising event in London? So on Thursday morning I packed up my gold bag (naturally) and headed on down to London Town.    Now you might well be sitting reading this and thinking “here, Amy, what’s this got to do with food?” We’ll bear with me, it was a great day for food but first lets look at the location. The photograph above is my bedroom, my newly painted floorboards, below is a beautiful white studio with the same floor! I was in love from the get go, what do you mean I can’t move in? This is pretty much what the inside of my head looks like…

Now the scene is well and truly set, the food! Like I mentioned in my post about my grandparents party, I always get the fear when I’m not in control of what eating, I meant what if it’s only sandwiches? I don’t know why I doubted the PR girls for a second! Lunch arrived and it was an array of gluten free dreams, salmon, quinoa salad, grilled vegetables and ricotta stuffed butternut squash.     I am now trying to put together a recipe for stuffed butternut squash that isn’t so full of cheese, this was amazing but way too heavy. So stay tuned for a lightweight butternut squash dish. The rest of lunch was to die for though, I’ve never really thought of cutting my courgettes lengthways to cook them so simply, that’s in idea that’s gone straight in my notebook for a dinner idea. After lunch, there was more customising for the Confetti Crowd, more acting like the paparazzi for me and not to forget more paper decorations – I was gutted when I helped take them down… 

After a spending the day in the room my dreams were made of (white everything and filled with pink, fluff and glitter), I then popped off with the other folk from Scotland to grab some food before flight back up over the boarder. Naturally being in Shoreditch for the day, there was so much to choose from but we settled on The Diner on a recommendation from one of the PR girls. This is a great American diner, pancakes, burgers, hot dogs, the works! Now it’s always tough to find a wheat or gluten free food in American restaurants, usually I settle for a bun-less chicken burger but not last week! I scoured the menu for anything gluten free and just as I was about to mutter the words “nothing is gluten free!” I spotted the note that all burgers are available with a gluten free bun. The three little words that make me go weak at the knees gluten free bun! So naturally I squealed (for real) and ordered a big, fat burger that was covered in avocado. 

How good does this look? When I put it all together, it was so tall that it was pretty tough to eat but worth the mess! The burger was delightful and the bun, just perfect.

For all the gossip from the day, other than the food, check out the schuh blog or search #schuhXconfetticrowd

Confetti Crowd

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