Cheesy vegetables

MEALS: Cheesy spaghetti the natural way

Sometimes you just get an urge to eat something cheesy, who am I kidding, I get that urge all the blooming time! But as I’m not a huge fan of gluten free pasta on the whole and my skin is not a huge fan of eating cows cheese, I often get myself in a bit of a pickle. Then it dawned on my, I can just fake it. I much prefer using natural ingredients instead of gluten based products to the gluten free foods you get in the supermarket, no that doesn’t mean I don’t eat them, some times a girl’s got to eat a bacon sarnie but I’m trying to make more of an effort to make everything from scratch so that I’m not eating anything too processed. This recipe is ideal for this! By substituting the pasta for vegetables you’re not only getting a couple of your five a day but you’re also ditching an awful lot of preservatives and goodness knows what. What have you got to lose?

What you need:
1 large carrot
1 courgette
150g edamame soya beans
1 clove of garlic
Spray oil
75g soft goats cheese

Serves two

Finely chop the garlic, spray a frying pan with oil, put it on a low heat and pop the garlic in to start cooking. While this is warming up you can start shredding your carrot and courgette, you’ll find that you can do all but the centre of the courgette, I tend to keep this bit and chuck it in a soup so as not to waste it. There are plenty of expensive gadgets to shred your veg into spaghetti but you don’t need to spend a fortune, you can just use a julienne peeler like this, it does the job so well.

Peel your vegetables

Add your vegetable spaghetti to the pan along with your edamame beans, salt and pepper, let them fry gently for around 5 mins. Once the vegetables are soft and smelling great you can add your cheese, crumble in the goats cheese, let it melt and stir it in.

Cheesy vegetables

And here you go! The perfect, guilt free way to eat cheesy spaghetti. Serves two so keep one for lunch the following day.

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