REVIEW: Kind Crusts, Dennistoun’s newbie

It’s not very often that I get excited out in Dennistoun. Don’t get me wrong, we have some great places to eat but if you’re vegan and wheat free then it’s not so easy. UNTIL NOW! I’d been hearing about Kind Crusts in the Vegan group that I’m in on Facebook for a few weeks, I knew it was in the east end but one night on the way home from the gym, me and a couple of friends spotted it. It is merely a five minute walk from my flat and I could not be happier!

Kind Crusts has been open two weeks and I’ve only been able to nip in this weekend, but I made up for it by going in two days on the trot (and no I’m not even the slight bit embarrassed).

Not only is the place completely adorable, there’s fruit cushions and everything, it is also full to the brim of amazing food. The best thing is that along with being a vegan haven the owner is totally into providing gluten free options. The menu is full of healthy food and super tasty coffee, fear not, I tried two sandwiches this weekend for you!

Saturday – Posh Ploughman’s on gluten free bread

Ploughman’s Perfection for £3.50

Back when I was a teen, I always loved a Ploughman’s, especially a cheese one so I was pretty thrilled to see a vegan version in a sarnie! This sandwich is delightful So, the important bit, what on earth is in a vegan ploughman’s sandwich? Well, it is grated apple, red onion and mustard seed chutney, Violife cheese, grated carrot and mayo on a lightly toasted gluten free bread. It’s as good as it sounds. I had this with an oat milk, flat white and it was exactly what I needed to fuel me for the rest of my Saturday afternoon.

Sunday – Green Goddess on gluten free bread

I then decided to head back on Sunday because, well why the hell not?! This time I opted for the green goddess because that just sounds like shot of health!


Green Goddess (with Violife cheese) for £4

What’s in this one? Spinach, seeds, lemon juice, mayo, Violife cheese and my fave, avocado. All of the green goodness is then toasted in a gluten free loaf. This was even better than the first sarnie, I can’t urge you enough to head down and try it, it’s worth the trip if you’re not local. I’ll be uploading everything I try on my instagram and I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date with all the plant based goodness.

I need to get one of these for myself!!

As if all that wonderful food for such reasonable prices and so close to my flat isn’t enough, the chick that owns it is obsessed with rabbits too! Now lets end this post with the bunny stamped on Bunny Island, just because.

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