THE VEGAN DIARIES: World vegan day!

Today is world vegan day! This also marks the end of my 10th month as a full time vegan. these 10 months have really flown by. Like everyone, I often find it hard to stick to veganism. There are a few reasons for this, one reason is my love for cheese but I mostly struggle because I’m surrounded by non-vegans in a non-vegan environment. Often it feels like my one little vegan life isn’t making a difference but the following things are my go to sources to keep me on the straight and narrow.

1. Documentaries

I found that surrounding myself with information has made it easy for me to go full force into being vegan. I discovered that the more I found out, the more I knew about processes, the less that I wanted to be part of animal exploitation. My top two? Cowspiracy and Fork Over Knives.

Cowspiracy was a documentary that really hit home the environmental benefits for being vegan. I honestly couldn’t believe the amount of waste that goes into the production of meat and animal farming in general. This is the documentary that I watch when I feel like I’m not making a difference and it sets me back on track.


Image source: Cowspiracy

Cowspiracy is available on Netflix.

Fork Over Knives is a really important documentary that really highlights the health benefits of eating a whole food, plant based diet. When I decided that I wanted to be vegan, it was because I was convinced that you can be healthy without buying into animal food productions and this documentary really proves that healthy vegan diets are incredibly good for you. I think this documentary is especially good to watch if you’re concerned about getting enough nutrients on a plant based diet.


Image source: Fork Over Knives 

Fork Over Knives is also available on Netflix.

2. Places to eat in Glasgow

I fully admit, I hate eating out. I have had a wheat intolerance for about 3 years now, while I’ve gotten used to asking lots of questions and being the awkward customer, I really hate having to ask about vegan/wheat free options. I HATE IT. I am very much of the mindset that unless you’re preparing your own food, you have no idea what is really in it. There are however a few places that are safe places and they have keys, a vegan symbol, a gluten free symbol and a few more to boot!

The Flying Duck is my favourite place to eat in Glasgow, not only is it 100% vegan but it offers tons of gluten free options on their meals. What does this really mean? It means that I can go out and eat macaroni cheese, MAC AND CHEESE THAT I CAN EAT! If you do head down to The Flying Duck then I insist that you try one of their shakes, I mean look at this!


Prep Fitness Kitchen is the perfect place to go if you don’t like to be the guy who insists that y’all go to a vegan restaurant because let’s face it, not everyone is vegan, not everyone likes vegan food and that’s ok. I was surprised at how much there was on offer at Prep Fitness Kitchen, I had the mango rice noodle salad, gotta go green juice, CAKE and a protein shake. Most of the cakes I saw were both gluten free and vegan (AKA heaven) and all of their shakes can be make up with vegan protein – delish. As if all of that wasn’t enough, for my fellow calorie counters out there, Prep Fitness Kitchen have already programmed in their food and drinks into myfitnesspal.


Look at that rose and chocolate cake at the back – yuuuum

3. Podcasts

I find that podcasts help keep me on track, I try to squeeze one in on my lunch and always listen to them while I’m doing the washing up. They are both a great source of information and a wonderful way to feel like you’re not alone in your life choices.

Vegetarian Zen whilst not a vegan podcast has become a fast favourite for me. The girls over there have created a kind and friendly space for vegetarians, vegans and those that they call “veg-curious”. Vickie and Larissa created the podcast to share the information that they have discovered on their journey from junk food vegetarians and it’s a real place with no judgement so it’s perfect for those who are starting their vegan/vegetarian journeys. They also celebrate all the small steps that people make to move towards vegetarianism – it’s incredibly refreshing.


Image source: Vegetarian Zen 

4. Facebook groups

At the start of the year I found Vegan Edinburgh + Glasgow (VEG) and it’s been really helpful. VEG is a local group for vegans in Edinburgh and Glasgow, it acts as a community where you’re free to ask lots of questions, celebrate new vegan finds (hello vegan cheese AKA Gary) and to have a bit of a moan when things are getting you down. I can’t emphasise enough how helpful this has been, vegans know their shit, not sure if that label you’re reading is right? The vegans will know! If you’re not in the central belt of Scotland then I urge you to find you local vegan group on Facebook.


Image source: VEG 

I hope that these links help you as much as they help me. What do you use to help explain to people why you’re vegan? Do you have your own safe restaurants and groups? I’d love to hear your stories!

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