REVIEW: Mono’s marvellous munch

I’m really not one of these vegans who insists on making my non-vegan friends eat in vegan restaurants so I’m always thrilled when one of my besties suggested a lunch at Mono I was chuffed. I’ve said it before, I feel incredibly lucky to live in such a vegan friendly city, it is honestly so easy to eat out here in Glasgow – I’m definitely spoiled for choice. Mono is a great place to go for good food but if you’re after a speedy service, you might need to mentally prepare yourself to wait forever for the bill, I promise it’s worth it for the food.

Falafel burger (no bun)

If you ask for no bun with the falafel burger, it becomes a gluten free meal and it is so damn good. Falafel is one of my new favourite foods, I never really used to eat it before I turned vegan and now it’s a staple in my life. The falafel burger in Mono is the best falafel I’ve tasted, it’s full of flavour (and hidden under the salad) and a pretty good size. Now, lets talk about the chips, I bloody love chips, fat chips, skinny fries, chippy chips, I love the lot of them and these chips are too good. When I make chips at home I always leave the skin on, in fact I leave the skin on for every kind of potato dish but chips with skins on are delish.


Raw avocado, chocolate cheesecake

This is genuinely amazing. It’s not like the cheesecake I’ve made in the past that tastes like a smoothie, it tastes like actual cheesecake! It’s super creamy, chocolatey and perfect for treating yourself, I’m convinced that most of those non-vegans out there would love this desert. Ok so it’s pretty small but it’s lovely and rich so you actually don’t need a massive slab of it.


All in all, Mono is a bit of a hipster haven and if that’s your thing or not, you’ll love the food. Mono is full of wonderful food, it has a (very) chilled vibe and fantastic music so head down one weekend for some grub.

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