MEAL: Easy noods

I have a confession, I love noods, I live for noods, noods are LIFE. Who doesn't love noodles right? What could be better than noodles and tofu? There's nothing better than tofu and noodles! The tofu burgers from Iceland are a new addition to the No Bull range (have you seen the freezer yet? There's just so … Continue reading MEAL: Easy noods

SMOOTHIE: Banana and kale

So I shared a photograph of my pre-run (that's right, I'm attempting to get back into running) breakfast on Instagram is morning, coffee with hazelnut milk and a questionably coloured smoothie. Now I know that this smoothie doesn't look so great but cross my heart, it tastes good, it's full of kale, banana, hazelnut milk and … Continue reading SMOOTHIE: Banana and kale