RICE: Pink rice and grilled broccoli 

If you know me or read Little Nibble regularly you might have realised that I really hate beige food, beige food usually means carby, cheesy goo that will make you feel like you're trying to digest a ton of bricks - no thank you!   I blogged a rainbow salad at the weekend and this … Continue reading RICE: Pink rice and grilled broccoli 

Gluten free bagel

LUNCH: Gluten free bagel

This a great lunch that doesn't take long to prepare but it is really tasty, it's only of those lunches that takes 10 minutes to make - perfect! What you need: 1 gluten free bagel Lactose free soft cheese 2 radishes A few slices of cooked chicken breast 1 iceberg lettuce leaf Slice your bagel … Continue reading LUNCH: Gluten free bagel