REVIEW: Glorious food I’ve eaten

Every now and again I feel like I need to share the great things I've scoffed recently and the last couple of months have been top notch for food. Here is why. The cupcake Sometimes you're walking around the Merchant City Festival, not looking for food at all, simply enjoying some samba music in the … Continue reading REVIEW: Glorious food I’ve eaten

MEAL: Pea, broccoli and basil soup

If you've followed my blog or my instagram for a while you'll know that I am obsessed with colourful food, my favourite colour for my food? Green of course! Everything from green smoothies to a different pea soup, celery to grapes, I love them every single one. So the other week I was craving some … Continue reading MEAL: Pea, broccoli and basil soup

MEAL: Pumpkin soup

Like I said in my cinnamon milk post I never look forward to summer turning into autumn because it means we need to say goodbye to bare legs, strawberries and golden skin! But October does mean two things Halloween and pumpkins! I bloody love pumpkins, I love to cook and bake with pumpkin throughout October, it's such a … Continue reading MEAL: Pumpkin soup