Autumnal sangria in a jug

DRINKS: Autumnal Sangria

My best friend is getting married in a couple of weeks, with covid delaying the plans over and over, we ended up having a night at mine with drinks, out for dinner at Red Onion (which I promise to write a post about too). The favourite drink has to have been the autumnal sangria, first … Continue reading DRINKS: Autumnal Sangria

THE VEGAN DIARIES: Wine isn’t vegan?

I've been vegan for 1 year, 6 months and 13 days. It has been emotional, difficult (remember that time I went cold turkey and made myself ill? I do...) and the best year and a half of my life. I would by lying though if I didn't tell you that I am so shocked by … Continue reading THE VEGAN DIARIES: Wine isn’t vegan?