Autumnal sangria in a jug

DRINKS: Autumnal Sangria

My best friend is getting married in a couple of weeks, with covid delaying the plans over and over, we ended up having a night at mine with drinks, out for dinner at Red Onion (which I promise to write a post about too). The favourite drink has to have been the autumnal sangria, first of all, who knew that was an option, it’s definitely better than regular sangria if you ask me! Also, if you’re witchy, who isn’t? Some of these ingredients are PERFECT for a celebration of love.

  • Oranges for love + luck
  • Cinnamon for happiness + success
  • Cloves for prosperity + good luck


1x bottle of any vegan white wine
1/2 carton apple juice 
2x apples sliced
2x oranges sliced
3x cinnamon sticks
5x cloves 
Handful of frozen berries 
Splash of ginger ale


Well you just fire it into a jug really…

Autumnal sangria in a jug

Not sure if you’re wine is vegan? Barnivore can help you.

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