LISTS: 4 new vegan treats to try

Guys it’s spooky season and one of my favourite times of year. I’m a total spring and summer baby but there’s something about the cosiness of autumn that I love. The crispy, cold days, blue skies, well… I can dream that the whole season is like that and not grey and rainy can’t I? I digress, Halloween is a gorgeous holiday where people can act like witches and not get judged, but also there’s good food about. So here’s a list of vegan things that I’m loving this spooookey season.

Ok ok, let’s get her out of the way, love or hate her the PSL is basic bitch heaven. I can say that without being offensive because it’s all I’m drinking until November.

While we’re at Starbucks, this isn’t new but it’s worth a shout out… (it’s much, much better than the new rolls from another coffee place). The breakfast roll is the closest thing to an Egg McMuffin I’ve ever had.

I have tried both of these seasonal flavours and Soreen did good because they are amazing.

Are these too cute to eat? Quite possibly!

***Disclaimer*** the Cadbury chocolate is missing yes, we all sort it coming, they made Bournville not suitable for vegans just before creating a much more expensive alternative. Bravo.

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