BAKED GOODS: Chickpea cookies

Your eyes do not deceive you, I did title this post chickpea cookies! I've been looking for some cookie inspo for ages, I think you can't beat a good old cuppa on a grey day (and I see a lot of those in Glasgow) with a biscuit but most of the gluten free biscuits in … Continue reading BAKED GOODS: Chickpea cookies

DRINKS: Turmeric tea – the drink of champions

I've been reading about superfoods again, this week I'm tackling turmeric. Now, turmeric is supposed to be one of the best things that you could eat on a regular basis, but why? 1. Anti-inflamatory 2. Lowers the risk of heart disease 3. Help prevent cancers (especially colon cancer) 4. Fights depression These are only a … Continue reading DRINKS: Turmeric tea – the drink of champions