THE VEGAN DIARIES: A simple rant about people

I fucking hate (some) people. Yes I needed to swear and yes I needed to qualify it with the (some). I want to love people but there are a few who make it so difficult.

My favourite myth: Vegan’s are angry and pushy


I write this blog these days to prove that being vegan is easy, you’ll notice that there’s no posts with images or videos to shock and guilt you into going vegan – that’s not my style babes. I love to talk about being vegan, if people have questions whether they are serious or daft, mostly because I always hated people who lectured me to stop eating meat. Therefore, I am forever fighting that angry vegan stereotype, which really makes me mad when non-vegans get all pushy and lecture me. ESPECIALLY when I don’t know them. That’s right, a total stranger felt the need to make me feel stupid on Thursday.

Let me set the scene.

I’m lucky enough to work with some of my best friends, one of them is leaving. I’m heartbroken but it’s a good excuse for the team to go to our local Toby Carvery who actually have so many good vegan options. So there we are, sitting at the table and I asked the lovely guy who showed us to our seats if much of the actual carvery was vegan because I really wanted some roast potatoes. This lovely guys said “let’s check, I’ll get the allergen menu and we can have a look” PERFECT.

Myself and my vegetarian friend sat patiently while the others went up to get in line when the waitress from hell arrived.

“Is everyone having a carvery yes?”

I explained that most people were and that I was just waiting to hear what was vegan.

“Well everything but the meat is vegan” she said looking confused.

I patiently explained that I’m vegan not vegetarian so there will be a few more things that I won’t want to eat.

“So you don’t eat cheese or anything?”


“Oh… isn’t that just a really difficult way to live?”

Again, nope.

“Well I certainly couldn’t live like that


Muttering “Well I suppose everyone is different”

This is the first time I’ve had someone I didn’t know look offended that I didn’t want to eat meat or animal products. I was completely flabbergasted, luckily I wasn’t the only one to hear it all and when I thought it was maybe me that was overreacting I was quickly reassured that it certainly wasn’t me. It was the first time that I’d really felt judged, like I had to defend my decision of what to eat for my lunch and it felt really weird.

In other news…

The stuffing was vegan, so were the roast potatoes so, winner. Unfortunately I was too excited to take a photograph.



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