SMOOTHIE: Vitamin boost, green smoothie

I love smoothies. Have you noticed? I barely mention it right? What about green smoothies? Yeh I ADORE them too. Smoothies are just so handy, I make one when I need a snack or just before I go to bed so that I can stick it in the fridge and grab it first this for breakfast. My … Continue reading SMOOTHIE: Vitamin boost, green smoothie


LISTS: 10 reasons to watch What the Health

I love a documentary, generally I'm pretty nosey so anything from men living in the desert, marrying lots of women, having a ton of children to get closer to god (seriously Channel 4 where do you find these people) to food documentaries, and everything between. This morning I finally got round to watching What the Health, … Continue reading LISTS: 10 reasons to watch What the Health